AirRoad Upgrades Security to Benefit Clients

April 2020: AirRoad has successfully implemented a new security surveillance system that will give its team full visibility of clients’ goods, whilst keeping staff safe at all times.

A new centralised CCTV surveillance system has been implemented which provides real-time footage across its operations. The system ties in with hundreds of online IP cameras, giving full view of AirRoad’s own warehouses and staging areas. In addition, access at every company operated site can be controlled remotely.

AirRoad’s Managing Director, Malcolm Thorpe, believes that the security upgrade will help improve AirRoad’s delivery performance, whilst further reducing freight losses.

He says, “Our clients trust us to deliver their precious goods in full and on time. The new system now enables us to monitor freight in great detail, as it travels across our major hubs in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide. The system also integrates with our comprehensive freight scanning procedures and allows us to keep a close eye on our goods in transit. Our clients will definitely be pleased to see that their goods are in safe hands.

Security at AirRoad is managed by an independent third party that undertakes investigations, in cases of non-conformance. The team works together to investigate any incidents where freight has gone missing or been damaged. The company also employs on-site guards at its major depots, with regular patrols at other hubs.

Mr Thorpe is proud of AirRoad’s security record. “We’ve never really had any issues with freight going missing, and back our confidence in this with a free transit warranty to our clients. Stringent security protocols as well as our investment in the latest technology are critical in making sure that we continue to deliver on our reputation as a premium carrier.

The new system was successfully implemented in late March this year, and is a culmination of over 20 years of investment in security efforts.