Client Service

Client Service

Client Service

If it's important to you... trust it to us

AirRoad’s success has been built by providing outstanding service and investing in long-term relationships with clients. Many of our clients have been with us since we began operating over 35 years ago.

Our Client Service Team

Your AirRoad Client Manager knows your business and freight transport requirements and tailors the right solutions to suit. We meet our commitments and your expectations in relation to service and delivery in full, on time and undamaged performance.

Your Client Service Manager works with our Operations, Technology, Safety and Security teams across the country to seamlessly align AirRoad’s services with your business needs in the most effective way.

The Client Support team is the communication hub of AirRoad’s day-to-day operations. Our friendly team connects with our drivers, depot staff and our clients across the country to respond to queries and ensure deliveries are made in full, on time.

We proactively communicate with clients when an issue arises and the scale of AirRoad’s operations means that we can mobilise the right people to escalate and resolve it as quickly as possible. Our structure places our Client Managers at the heart of the business empowering them to engage directly with state-based operations management and teams, to solve any problems quickly and well for our clients.

"AirRoad makes us look good. Our salespeople know that, if something special is needed, AirRoad will work with us to deliver. We are able to tailor our service to our client's needs because that is exactly what AirRoad does for us."

- General Manager, Operations & Service. Japanese Home and Office Products Multinational

Client Service Flyer

For more information about Client Services at AirRoad, download our flyer.