Delivery in Full On Time

Delivery in Full On Time

Delivery in Full On Time

Getting the right goods delivered at the right time can make or break your supply chain.

At AirRoad, we are committed to Delivering Certainty in your national deliveries and our policy is to deliver your consignments in full, and on time. A split delivery erodes the benefit of timeliness and we consider this to be a non-conformance.

AirRoad provides DIFOT performance in excess of 97% for the majority of its clients.

AirRoad's country network is strong with approximately 40% of our deliveries travelling to regional Australia.

Measuring DIFOT

AirRoad measures its DIFOT rigorously each month against published express road transit times, in line with industry standards. We measure our DIFOT Graphic Illustration showing AirRoad's DIFOT performance vs Industry performance for our clients based on actual freight movement and then average out our performance across the board to get our company performance score.

Although DIFOT performance changes across different product supply chains, our own research indicates that the industry average for DIFOT (i.e. on time AND in full) with similar freight profiles is 84%*. This means that our clients are over five times less likely to experience a partial or late delivery.  In addition, we are happy to conduct a comprehensive DIFOT report at no charge on your existing deliveries and offer you a better solution. The quality management system that AirRoad operates to facilitate DIFOT reporting is certified to ISO 9001 international standard.

What does a high DIFOT mean for your business?

Our clients tell us that the value we deliver lies in helping them reduce their total cost of doing business.

Learn more about the hidden costs of freight distribution here.

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*AirRoad's average DIFOT performance of 97% reflects a failure rate that is 5.2 times less than the industry average. (100-97%= 3% failure rate vs industry average failure rate of 100-84= 16%)

"Being able to rely on AirRoad's long established team that shares the same value of delivering in full and on time - every possible time - is the really big value that they provide to us."

- General Manager, Operations and Service - Japanese Home & Office Products Multinational

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