Tackling Climate Change by Design

Intelligent design is at the core of our approach to managing and reducing our carbon emissions.

Superior Vehicle Efficiency

Our custom-designed, linehaul trailers feature twin-decks and adjustable mezzanine floors that enable us to carry 35%-50% more freight per linehaul trip, leading to fuel savings and cutting our carbon emissions.

Solar Power at Derrimut, VIC

AirRoad’s purpose-built site in Derrimut, opened in 2010 operates a state-of-the-art 20.01 Kilowatt solar power system utilising the latest German technology to deliver clean electricity. The system produces around 30,431 Kilowatt hours of electricity each year which we use in the office reducing our demands on the grid.

In 2021, AirRoad installed another 99kW system at its Lidcombe (NSW) depot.

Measure and Manage

We are committed to reducing any negative impact on the environment of our entire national operation. In 2008, we completed our first, independent audit in which transport fuels, utilities and employee activities were recognised as having contributed to over 95% of our greenhouse gas emissions.

Since then, we have focused on each of these elements and continued to experiment with technologies and innovative designs to improve our performance. Some of our key initiatives include:

  • Acquisition of vehicles with cleaner engines adhering to Euro 5 & Euro 6 emission standards
  • Improving aerodynamics in our vehicles and regular maintenance of our fleet
  • Intelligent lighting in warehouses
  • Implementation of waste management practices at our sites
  • Increasing staff awareness


Lloyd’s List Green Transport Award

AFSMI Green Services Award (High Commendation)

ASCLA Environmental Excellence Award (High Commendation).

Environment Flyer

Download the flyer to find out more about our commitment to the environment that we operate in.