Safety in your Supply Chain

Safety in your Supply Chain

Safety in your Supply Chain

Safety is one of the most important foundations of our business. Our goal is for a completely safe and incident-free work place in all of our sites around Australia and for a work environment that supports the health of our people and those of our clients and suppliers.

To achieve these goals, we have an enterprise-wide approach to safety that focuses on systems and processes, as well as rigorous engagement and active implementation.

Our safety record compares favourably with industry standards. However, we regard any incident as unacceptable and we are working diligently to ensure that:

  • Our systems and processes are effective and comply absolutely with industry best practice and all regulatory standards.
  • Our people are engaged in implementing and continuously improving them.
  • A system for feedback is in place and feedback is actively encouraged.
  • We communicate our policies, performance and goals in the safety arena to all of our stakeholders.

The AirRoad enterprise-wide approach means safety is kept top of mind at every step in the supply chain - from safe loading practices, transport scheduling and management plans, vehicle compliance and maintenance, to road safety and driver health and fitness - so that Chain of Responsibility obligations are respected and our reliable delivery performance is not compromised.


Safety Flyer

Download the flyer to find out more about AirRoad’s commitment to safety.