Case Study

Case Study

Case Study

98% Delivered in Full on Time | 2 Years of Service

Committed to Service

Items: Ovens, cooktops, fridges, dishwashers and other domestic appliances.

A Household Brand

One of AirRoad’s clients is a well-established and much loved global brand that can be found in many Australian households. They rely on their transport partner to ensure that their products are delivered on time and undamaged across their national retailer network. With the average item weighing close to 100 kilos, and goods varying from pallets to smaller cartons, AirRoad ensures that their products are always available to the Australian consumer.

The Client’s National Warehouse Manager believes that their transport service provider is an integral part of their operations. He explains, “Like the rest of our business, we expect the highest levels of professionalism from our carrier when dealing with our customers. Whether it is getting a delivery out on time or responding to any queries about our goods in transit, we value a partner who shares the same commitment to service as us.

Always Approachable

One of the main reasons the client chose to work with AirRoad was its ability to deliver a personalised and responsive service. He explains, “AirRoad is different from the rest of transport businesses that I have worked with, in that they provide a personal service and care about their clients. We don’t get passed around and one phone call is all it takes to get a problem solved. They are trusted experts at what they do, from the presentation of their vehicles to driver courtesy during pickup and delivery. These little things make a huge difference and we notice it.”

Over time, the client has formed strong working relationships with AirRoad and has direct connections with their Client Manager, as well as key operational people throughout the delivery network. He says, “Our Client Manager is fantastic and we trust her to solve 99% of all issues when they arise. Beyond that, we are familiar with key people across the organisation and have a process built for those rare cases where issues may need to be escalated. I find that staff at AirRoad are knowledgeable, empowered and always willing to collaborate on solutions that work for us.

Superior Performance

AirRoad provides the client with an express delivery service across its national retailer network, whilst also managing the occasional return and stock transfer request. Book-ins to major retailers are personally managed by AirRoad’s Customer Service team to ensure that the ‘window of opportunity’ for delivery is met. Detailed freight scanning procedures keep the client informed about the consignment’s journey in real-time.

Best practices in freight handling, as well as the latest materials handling technology have helped eliminate any damage to goods in transit. To further demonstrate its confidence against such incidents, the client also receives a free transit warranty at no additional cost.

Honest and Transparent

Keeping the client informed and providing visibility of its performance are at the heart of AirRoad’s customer service approach. This includes sharing regular reports that detail Delivery In Full on Time performance, as well as examining any non-conformances and exceptions that occur. An online portal also shows the client all consignments that are in progress, with Proof of Delivery signatures immediately available once a delivery has been completed. In addition, regular review meetings are held to seek feedback and identify areas for improvement.

The client says,

“AirRoad has definitely delivered when it comes to service, timely supply and communication. Our relationship with them is built on trust, and we know that they will always have our best interests in mind. They care about the work they do and the clients they serve, which ultimately makes a lot of difference. Their online systems keep us informed and we couldn’t be any happier with their performance and service.”

Key Results

  1. Loss and Damage Elimination: One of the major problems for the client has been the loss and damage to goods in transit. The client explains, “Prior to AirRoad, we had quite a few transport issues, including loss of goods in transit. Since switching, damage and freight loss have been eliminated and we have not made any claims for the transit warranty offered by AirRoad either.”
  2. 98% Delivery in Full on Time Performance: AirRoad has consistently delivered in full and on time for the client. The client says, “AirRoad is probably one of the most reliable carriers that I have dealt with, and this is reflected in their DIFOT score. We usually get over 98% of our deliveries on time, including those travelling to regional areas.
  3. Increased Satisfaction: The client has been with AirRoad for over two years. With growing confidence in service and delivery performance, the client has increased AirRoad’s scope of work to include pickup and deliveries across multiple locations nationally.


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