Case Study

Case Study

Case Study

8 years of service | 6,000 items despatched per month 98% Delivered in Full On Time

Creating Competitive Advantage

Items: Computers, laptops, multifunction printers, digital signage monitors and other electronic goods, packed as loose cartons or on pallets.

The Client

Established almost 150 years ago, one of AirRoad’s clients is a renowned blue-chip multinational manufacturing advanced consumer electronics, business machines and quality industrial machinery. Despatching approximately 6,000 items each month with a continuous stream of new-to-market products, the client needs to ensure that their distributors receive all stock in full, on time and undamaged.

The Task in Hand

The client despatches goods out of a central warehouse to a well-established network of distributors, authorised dealers and selected retail stores throughout Australia. Products require careful handling and moisture-free storage at all times.

Prior to switching to AirRoad, the client had issues with their products being damaged in transit and their transport provider being inconsistent with service levels. The client explains, “Our multifunction printers and laptops require very careful handling and not all freight service providers are equipped to carry them. We want our carriers to be accountable and to take a certain level of responsibility for their service.”

Designing Effective Transport Operations

AirRoad has implemented a daily scheduled pickup service out of the client’s central warehouse. Goods transported between major capital cities are carried in twin-deck pantechnicons with mezzanine floors, which are well suited to the client’s multifunction devices and palletised items. This eliminates the need to stack pallets on top of each other whilst ‘air-ride’ suspension fitted on the trailers allow for a smooth journey.

To meet barcoding compliance requirements, AirRoad repacks the client’s products as required and sends out an advanced shipping note before delivering to the client’s major retail partner. The client also employs AirRoad’s sensitive freight services to provide ‘rite-on-site’ delivery services for their digital signage monitors.

Reduction in Damages

One of the major achievements for the client has been the near elimination of damages in their transport operations. In the 6 months leading up to June 2016, AirRoad’s damage rate for this client was audited to be only 3 per 100,000 items carried. The client remarks,

"I’ve never seen another carrier this good when it comes to making sure that our items turn up on time and in the same pristine condition that they left our warehouse. We rarely get damaged goods, and this saves us from hours of problem solving. We get less phone calls from dissatisfied customers and can focus on building our business instead."

Open and Honest Communication

AirRoad provides the client with personalised reporting to keep them informed about performance and the service levels that their customers receive. Transparent KPI reports inform the client about any damages and losses at the state, zone and receiver level which are shared on a monthly basis.

The client also has access to a dedicated Client Service Manager, who has been their single point of contact for escalation for the last eight years. AirRoad’s Customer Service team in turn provides any information or updates that the client needs on a day-to-day basis. To further improve efficiency, the client has direct communication lines with AirRoad’s Operations Managers in each state to resolve any pressing issues promptly.

Building Sustainable Partnership

Over the years, the relationship between AirRoad and client has grown into a strategic partnership with confidence that this will endure as both businesses continue to grow.

“We think it’s very important that there is a fit in terms of culture, personality, ethical standards and trust between our carrier and us. AirRoad is very open and honest in its communication and accepts liability where it should, whilst offering clear and concise KPI reporting”, says the client.

 Creating Competitive Advantage

  1. Collaboration:  The client and AirRoad have worked together for the last eight years to ensure that all goods are delivered in a timely fashion. More recently, the client has chosen to enhance its transport partnership with AirRoad through the development of innovative warehousing processes.
  2.  Delivery timeliness: AirRoad continues to deliver an average DIFOT of 98%+ for the client’s consignments throughout Australia. At the same time, damage rates are at a historical low and virtually non-existent, considering the volume of freight despatched.

Creating Competitive Advantage

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