Case Study

Case Study

Case Study

12 Years of Service | 50% Regional Deliveries 98% Delivered in Full On Time

Going the Distance


Items: Diesel power generators, marine engines and spare parts, packed into skids and cartons.

The Client

Getting goods delivered in full, on time and undamaged is critical for one of AirRoad's valued clients distributing high quality diesel power generators, marine engines and spare parts throughout Australia. Despatching close to 500 items per month out of Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney, approximately 50% of the consignments travel to regional areas. Products are of high value and range in weight from a few kilos to 4 tonnes per item. Having the right transport carrier to trust is therefore essential to the business' success.

Deliveries During Turbulent Times

The client also sees an increased demand for their power generators during natural disasters such as cyclones. Getting such equipment to the end receivers during these challenging times requires careful coordination.

AirRoad’s Managing Director, Malcolm Thorpe explains, “As a business, we never compromise on the safety of our drivers and take this very seriously. At the same time, we understand that our clients often send crucial freight that must be delivered. We therefore try and deliver where and as soon as we possibly can. It’s all about being able to fulfil your responsibility as a carrier whilst never compromising on safety.”

"I just need someone I can talk to and sort things out"

One of the major issues the client had with other carriers over the years was not having access to a knowledgeable Customer Service team when issues arose, and being put on hold before being able to speak to someone.

AirRoad has addressed this common issue by implementing decentralised customer service at the state level so that staff members are fully aware of how consignments are travelling. In addition, the client also has a dedicated Client Service Manager with whom they can raise any urgent issues.

The client explains,

“AirRoad and us have both invested time in our partnership and worked together to fix any unforeseen issues over the years. AirRoad is prompt, open and honest in their communication, and the service that you get from them cannot be matched by other freight companies.”

Improving Delivery Efficiency

AirRoad has implemented a daily scheduled pickup service out of the client’s Melbourne Distribution Centre; the despatch location for the majority of their products. To improve efficiency, the client’s warehouse staff also have direct communication lines with AirRoad’s Operations team.

All freight runs on an express schedule nationally and is loaded on the next available truck at each transit point. Returns are handled by AirRoad staff whilst critical deliveries are personally managed by AirRoad’s Customer Service team.

To further improve coordination and speed, direct trailer loads have also been implemented for major trade shows that the client participates in throughout the country.

The client has also previously employed AirRoad’s warehousing service in regional Queensland to improve their speed to market during weather calamities.

Minimising Damages

Prior to AirRoad, the client had an unusually high rate of damaged goods in transit. The use of custom built, twin-deck trailers during linehaul operations has helped prevent freight compaction. Where possible, AirRoad has also tried to eliminate the requirement to handle goods manually. As an example, large consignments travelling to Tasmania are often packed into containers and handled only once when being unloaded at the final delivery address.

AirRoad’s freight handling procedures have also been backed up by a free transit warranty covering the cost of most goods.

The client remarks, “AirRoad’s performance when it comes to damage reduction is second to none, and this to us is critical. Their technology and handling techniques work and have delivered results for us. More importantly though, we believe this is only possible when your carrier genuinely cares about the service they deliver and are passionate about their business”.

Delivering Certainty

The client has been with AirRoad for 12 years and still deals with the same Client Service Manager they’ve had since day one. Key results delivered include:

1. Delivery in full and on time: AirRoad has delivered in full and on time for the client for over 98% of their consignments (Q1 of FY 2016-2017), whilst almost eliminating damage from their transport operations.

2. Client satisfaction: The client’s tenure with AirRoad is testimony to the service levels delivered. The client remarks, “AirRoad is our carrier of choice and they understand our business. They are committed to delivering our goods on time and care about our customers and us.”

AirRoad and the client continue to enjoy a successful working relationship with goods being delivered in a timely manner throughout the country.


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