Case Study

Case Study

Case Study

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Items: Commercial catering equipment and spare parts packed into cartons, skids, pallets and crates.

Handling and delivering commercial catering equipment can be challenging. Such high-value items are often bulky and must be stored and handled carefully at all times. Delivery locations can vary from hospitals and schools to retirement villages and specialist retailers. Flexibility, attention to detail and good project management makes that extra difference which helps deliver in full, on time and undamaged.

This is something that one of AirRoad’s clients who despatches a range of such high-end equipment knows very well.

One Stop Shop for Transport and Logistics

AirRoad provides various services to the client from bulk storage and warehousing to express and rite-on-site deliveries. Goods are usually despatched from the client’s main warehouses and distributed nationally with daily pickups. They also send dangerous goods occasionally, which must be segregated or handled appropriately. During peak periods, AirRoad provides warehousing services and allows for late afternoon cut-off times to despatch orders on the same day.

The company’s Operations Manager knows AirRoad and its capabilities well and remarks, “What we look for in a transport service provider is good customer service, accountability and value for money. AirRoad delivers on all of these and understands the unique aspects of our operations. They know that some of our deliveries are urgent with on-site technicians waiting for fit outs or replacements to keep kitchens running. They are very professional in their approach and we only have to speak to one group of people to get the job done.”

Project Managed Deliveries

Trade shows are very important to the client and they are a regular exhibitor at several of the country’s top hospitality and foodservice events. AirRoad provides specialised services during such occasions using a dedicated fleet of vehicles and trained drivers who are expert at handling sensitive freight. Pickup and delivery times are arranged, and AirRoad’s team deliver and unpack all items, whilst disposing of any rubbish.

The client explains, “Trade shows take several months of planning and provide a great platform to demonstrate our products to potential customers and generate new business. AirRoad is excellent when it comes to delivering to such locations and events and we trust them to get the job done.”

Embracing Continuous Improvement

AirRoad organises monthly meetings with the client, involving their Managers from various teams to look at opportunities for improving performance. During these meetings, AirRoad’s delivery in full and on time score as well as any non-conformances and futile deliveries are discussed.

Corrective action, where applicable, is agreed on and communicated back to AirRoad’s Operations team. AirRoad also makes packaging and handling suggestions to the client’s warehousing team to help ensure that their goods travel safely.

The client explains,

“AirRoad is committed to delivering on their service promise and we have worked with them to ensure that any delivery issues are ironed out. We understand that things do go wrong from time to time, and focus on being able to learn from such mistakes. Our relationship is strong and we keep communication open at all times.”

Delivering Certainty

The client has been with AirRoad for over nine years. Key achievements include:

  1. Tailored Solutions: AirRoad has been able to tailor a range of logistics solutions from 3PL warehousing to rite-on-site deliveries, as required. The client remarks, “AirRoad has stepped up on several occasions and used its expertise and resources to get the job done. They understand our business and the work involved, and they’re good people to deal with.”
  2. Improved Transport Performance: AirRoad has been able to provide a reliable service with guaranteed lead times to the client. Its state based Customer Service team is always on call to answer any queries in a timely manner and has helped reduce wait times and improve efficiency.

AirRoad and the client are now working on enhancing information flow through the implementation of web services technology, which will save time and labour in data transfer.

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