Case Study

Case Study

Case Study

6 Years of Service | 2,500 Pallets Despatched Weekly 99% Delivered in Full On Time

Keeping Service Personal

Items: Printers, label makers, imaging equipment and fax machines, packed as loose cartons or wrapped into pallets

The Client

One of AirRoad’s key clients is a leading multinational manufacturer of electronic business items such as printers, label makers, imaging equipment and fax machines. Despatching close to 2500 pallets and 1000 cartons each week nationally out of a central warehouse, deliveries must be coordinated and made within allocated times to the client’s distribution network of retailers, resellers and specialty stores. Spare parts despatched by the client are also time-critical and must be delivered within express time frames throughout the country.

The client’s General Manager for Operations and Service believes that their transport service provider is an essential part of the business’ operations. He says,

“We see our transport partner as an extension of who we are and what we do. They’ve got to be committed in the same way as we are in looking after our deliveries and providing the best service possible to our customers.”

Challenges in Transport

Reliability and prior experience in delivering the types of products that the client despatches were key factors in determining their choice of transport carrier. The goods are of high-value and require careful handling during transport. It was through a referral from one of the client’s major customers that they approached AirRoad for a solution to get their large volumes of product delivered safely and on time.

Each day, the client’s customers place orders which are then despatched with strict delivery deadlines and time frames in place. It is also not uncommon for several of their customers to impose penalties when deliveries are late. This leaves little room for error and has a very real impact on the client’s overall profitability when the carrier fails to deliver on time.

Large Enough to Deliver

To speed up distribution to the client’s receivers, AirRoad has implemented direct semitrailer loads from their Distribution Centre to its major depots for next day service. The client believes that this has helped them improve their deliveries and explains, “In addition to operational efficiency, one of the major advantages of implementing direct trailer loads is damage reduction by reducing the amount of freight handling. Our deliveries are also faster and we now have greater visibility of our supply chain.”

“We also work with AirRoad to ensure that we are running a lean operation. Our Transport Management System calculates exactly how much volume we will be despatching and we share this information with AirRoad at the end of each working day. They understand our needs and allocate the right number of vehicles so that we can clear our orders successfully.”

In addition, a member from AirRoad’s Operations team also works on-site at the client’s premises to ensure trailers are loaded correctly and ready to travel every single day.

Keeping Service Personal

According to the client, being able to provide a personalised service and understanding the customer’s requirement is key to a successful partnership. He explains, “AirRoad is our boutique carrier, which is what we love most about them. With the other transport companies, you’re just another number but with AirRoad, they understand who you are and go over and beyond to ensure that your deliveries are on time. Their staff are helpful and we are always able to reach out without being put on hold”.

The client also enjoys a very strong working relationship with their Client Service Manager, a very experienced transport professional who has been their point of contact for escalation since day one.

Delivering Certainty

The client has been with AirRoad for over six years, and AirRoad looks after all of their transport requirements. Key results delivered include:

  1. Timely Deliveries: AirRoad has consistently delivered in full and on time for the client for over 99% of their consignments, whilst ensuring that deliveries to major retailers are made within the required time frame.
  2. Damage reduction: A major benefit in the partnership with AirRoad has been the elimination of product damage in the business’ transport operations. The client remarks, “I have never had to worry about freight getting lost or damaged with AirRoad. They are very confident with their deliveries and have offered us a generous transit warranty in case things go wrong. I can now that they’ve almost entirely eliminated damages from our transport operations.”
  3. Greater Supply Chain Visibility: To facilitate information sharing and make bookings easier, AirRoad has set up a direct EDI interface with the client. They can also access a custom toolbox on AirRoad’s website, which provides them with track and trace information and DIFOT performance reports.

AirRoad and the client are currently working together to gain further efficiencies by improving the returns process for stock coming through their major retail partner.

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