Our COVID-19 Response

Update: August 2020

As of August 13 2020, our company operated sites in NSW are registered as COVID Safe businesses. We are committed to ensuring that our staff, clients and the general public are safe at all times during this pandemic.
In addition, we have also developed comprehensive risk management strategies to minimise disruption to our operations.

Update: July 2020

With the recent spike in cases and subsequent lockdown in Victoria, AirRoad will enforce additional safety measures for all interstate drivers travelling into and out of our Melbourne depot. This involves:

  1. Reducing interaction with staff and restricting access to high traffic and key operational areas at our local depots
  2. Increasing cleaning and hygiene practices for interstate vehicles and rest areas. Drivers will be provided with hand sanitisers and cleaning wipes, and
  3. Continuing to practice social distancing as advised by the health authorities

Where possible, AirRoad will also implement complete change-overs for interstate runs to avoid drivers travelling interstate.

We will communicate our new social distancing procedures to all interstate drivers.

16 March 2020

Re: AirRoad COVID-19 response

Dear Valued Client,

At AirRoad, our priority is always the safety of our clients and staff.
We are monitoring the developing situation around the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) and have adjusted our standard processes to minimise the risk of community transmission.
These include:

• Not permitting the general public to touch a driver’s electronic device. Drivers will input the receiver’s name into the device on their behalf, with no signature submitted.
• Not providing receivers with pens for signing a hard copy (paper) Proof Of Delivery. If the receiver does not have their own pen, the driver will enter the receiver’s name on their behalf. Again, no signature will be submitted.
• Drivers will minimise physical contact with receivers or their property.

In addition to these measures, AirRoad Management is keeping our workers up to date with information as published by the World Health Organisation, and the Australian Government Department of Health.
AirRoad will continue to provide services to our clients unless we receive a directive from a relevant government authority making it impossible for us to operate.

We will continue to provide communication to our clients regarding any changes to services.

We thank you for your support and understanding at this time.
Kind Regards,
AirRoad Management.