Case Study

Case Study

Case Study

1800 Orders Despatched Per Month | 5 Years of Service 99% Delivered in Full On Time

Packed & Delivered with Certainty


Vacuum & steam cleaners, sweepers and cleaning products. The items are packed into cartons and pallets and arrive in container loads. 

Steady Growth

One of AirRoad’s clients is a leading multinational brand manufacturing cleaning appliances and floor care products. Receiving stock from their international hubs and distributing to major trade and home appliance retailers throughout Australia, consistent and reliable service is crucial to their operation. The business has grown substantially over the years and relies on AirRoad to deliver in full, on time and accurately. The orders despatched vary from small, loose cartons to multiple pallets per consignment.

Trusting a 3PL Partner

The business decided to choose AirRoad as its strategic 3PL partner to manage its Australian logistics operations. The company’s Managing Director explains,

“Choosing a 3PL service was an easy decision for us since it allows someone with specialist knowledge to manage our logistics operations and stock overflow. AirRoad has a strong reputation as a capable and competitive player in this industry, and they were able to tailor a solution to suit us.”

AirRoad provides a range of 3PL solutions from container de-stuffing and storage to pick and pack and national express delivery. All items are stored at AirRoad’s Melbourne warehouse and protected by on-site guards, back to base alarms and real-time CCTV surveillance. Customer orders received by late afternoon are picked and packed for travel on the same night. Since both the warehouse and depot are located on the same site, there are also substantial savings on pickup costs.

Organising Timely Deliveries

AirRoad delivers to major retailers and their distribution centres across Australia in line with the client’s service standards and within set timeframes. AirRoad’s Customer Service team carefully coordinates every ‘book-in’ to such retailers to ensure that consignments are delivered within the allocated period.

AirRoad’s Managing Director, Malcolm Thorpe explains, “We understand that deliveries to retail stores need careful coordination and go the extra mile to make sure that we get it right the first time.  We are in essence an extension of our clients’ business and think of the consignees as our own customers as well.”

Honest and Accountable

One of the major advantages of using a single service provider to handle both warehousing and transport is greater accountability. The client remarks, “AirRoad is very honest and open about the way they perform. Their warranty covers most of our items in case there is any damage in the warehouse or in transit, which is very rare. We also like the fact that our goods are handled less, which helps minimise risk for us.”

AirRoad’s Warehouse Management System is integrated into its Freight Management System and offers full traceability to the end receiver. Every item from an order is scanned into a carton, which in turn is assigned with a unique barcode label during transit. AirRoad also provides the client with regular ‘stock on hand’ reports to keep them informed.

AirRoad’s Customer Service team is available to answer any queries that the client or their customers have. A single point of contact is also available in case there are issues that need escalation and regular review meetings are held to discuss opportunities for further improvement.

Certainty in Logistics

Delivery in Full On Time: The client has been very impressed with AirRoad’s ability to deliver consistently. He says, “Having our goods despatched and delivered in full, on time and undamaged is one of the main benefits that we receive. AirRoad knows how to handle our products carefully and they are expert in managing deliveries to our customers. We see them as a strategic business partner with the same level of commitment to customer service as us.”

Attention to Detail: AirRoad has been able to pick and pack over 99% of all orders accurately. The client remarks, “Our order accuracy rates are excellent and we don’t chase deliveries that are wrong or have gone missing anymore. AirRoad is also very efficient and well prepared when it comes to managing inventory and have our items ready in no time from dock to stock.”

The client has made several efficiency gains by employing AirRoad’s 3PL service over the years. With the advent of major international retailers into the country, the client and AirRoad are now working together to address opportunities for further integration with various ERP systems.

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