Case Study

Case Study

Case Study

500 Items Delivered Per Month | 60% Regional Deliveries 98% Delivered in Full On Time

Case Study: Trusted to Deliver

Items: Cables, cords, cable assemblies and electrical goods, packed as reels, loose cartons and into pallets.

The Client

Reliable deliveries are very important for one of AirRoad’s clients servicing the industrial, wholesale, mining and infrastructure sectors. The business manufactures and distributes high quality cables, cords, cable assemblies and other electrical components from several sites across Australia. Around 500 items are despatched nationally each month, with close to 60% of consignments travelling to regional locations.

The client’s General Manager believes that their transport partner is an essential part of their operations. He says, “We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products and getting them delivered on time. Quite often, there are costs involved with specialists on site who work with that critical piece of equipment being delivered by our carrier. It is very important that our transport partner understands this and why we count on them.

Superior Product Handling

Handling large cable reels can be challenging and special equipment and vehicles may be required. The client explains, “Our products come in various shapes and sizes, with the largest cable drums weighing up to 5 tonnes. Being able to consistently handle our goods correctly, and clear the orders waiting in our warehouses is crucial.

In addition to scheduled daily pickups, AirRoad’s Operations team assesses additional order weights and volumes to despatch the right vehicles. Toolbox talks are also held to ensure that everyone involved is familiar with safe loading and unloading practices. Flatbed trailers may be organised in some instances. Deliveries to critical project sites are also coordinated by a team member to ensure access and that the receiver is present and able to unload the goods.

Improving Service

Prior to using AirRoad, the client was dealing with a number of transport firms and a broker. Switching to AirRoad has meant that they can access a dedicated Manager who knows their business well, and serves as a single point of contact, when issues arise. In addition, the client’s warehouse team also liaises with AirRoad’s operations and customer service teams to solve problems.

The client explains, “We trust AirRoad to solve any issues in a timely manner, and keep us updated. AirRoad has always been very responsive and willing to work with our teams. Our transport errors have reduced by threefold since we first started, and we trust AirRoad to deliver our orders on time. We now have one single point of contact and a company that we can call on anytime.”

Supply Chain Visibility

AirRoad provides detailed reports that highlight its Delivery in Full on Time (DIFOT) performance nationally. Meetings are held monthly or when required to discuss the service that the client is receiving. A key part of the DIFOT reports is identifying opportunities for improvement by investigating any non-conformances. In addition, the client also has access to detailed track and trace reports that show goods in transit, with a proof of delivery signature available, once a delivery has been completed.

The client says “AirRoad’s online systems keep us and our customers updated about the status of our deliveries in real time. We know exactly where our goods are and when our customers can expect to receive them. We also receive monthly performance reports and have regular review meetings to identify opportunities for improvement. AirRoad’s systems are very easy to use, and allow us to book our deliveries, with minimum fuss”.

Key Results

  1. Reliable Service and Accountability: AirRoad has benchmarked its Delivery in Full on Time performance for the client at 98% and achieved this standard consistently. The client says, “AirRoad delivers our goods in full and on time, and we can trust them to get the job done. What is even more remarkable is that I can’t recall making any damage claim with them in the last 3 years.”
  2. Customer Satisfaction: With increasing confidence in AirRoad’s ability to deliver, the client has been highly satisfied with AirRoad’ performance. Over a short period of time, AirRoad has won more business from them, and also been chosen to pickup and deliver orders from other states.
  3. Faster Deliveries: By carefully coordinating pickup times and linehaul schedules, AirRoad has been able to halve travel times in some of the client’s major transit lanes. This has enabled them to increase their speed to market and help meet critical project deadlines.

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